It’s our mission to provide an unmatched experience for our clients. Because when your event’s AV needs are taken care of, you’re able to focus on the task at hand – engaging your audience. 

Whatever your event situation, we have a solution.

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Enjoy a complete suite of service with cutting-edge audiovisual equipment, interactive displays, and logistical support to create immersive and impactful exhibits.

Trade shows and expos

Planning a virtual event or need to accommodate both in-person and online attendees? We've got you covered.

Virtual and hybrid events

Our onsite crews monitor every aspect of your event's AV to ensure the best results without interruption.

In-person events

Services for any event type

Cost savings that typically beat in-house pricing by 25-30% and provide incremental revenue streams

Comprehensive labor scheduling to limit inefficiencies and avoid overtime when possible

Help with venue contract negotiations to avoid excessive and punitive charges

We offer support for conferences, meetings, trade shows, expos and more. Most of our clients have been with us for at least a decade, and here are just a few reasons why:

Why choose NxtGen Events as your AV production partner?

After your event, your account manager will follow up with you to talk about what went well and what can be improved for your next event.

Post-event analysis

Our team of experts is on-site to manage all the AV details, coordinating closely with your team and remaining flexible to any last minute changes to insure a successful event.

Event support

Our AV leads manage every aspect of your event, giving techs the direction they need to support and respond to anything that occurs.

On-site execution

We put together a customized, comprehensive event solutions package with extremely competitive pricing.

Customized solutions

We have a collaborative consultation session to talk about your event details, goals and objectives.


Every event is unique, there are fundamental common components to each. The NxtGen Events team has the expertise and resources to create impact and engage your audience with the latest technology in projection, audio, lighting, staging, scenic design and more.

How we approach event production

Venue consultation and contract review

Run of show schedules

Branded elements

Stage design, lighting and sound

Audio visual production services

Solutions we offer

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