It’s easy to define but tough to execute – a hybrid event is one with both in-person and digital elements. Done well, it engages it dual audience types, allowing them to connect with both the content and one another.

What is a hybrid event?

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Event support
When it’s event time, our team will be there to personally manage both the live and virtual aspects of the event, ensuring there are no issues or mishaps.

Event preparation
We’ll customize and brand our virtual platform for your event or work with the platform of your choice. Then, we’ll load content, prepare presentations and train speakers, and get all the logistics ironed out.

Customized solutions
From there, we provide the technology and expertise to cost-effectively add the hybrid components to our on-site production that’ll create impact and engage your audience no matter their location.

We’ll get to the heart of the matter by asking the right questions and helping you sort through all possible hybrid event options and opportunities.

Hybrid events demand a longer planning cycle. That’s why we offer comprehensive pre-planning services that will set you up for success. And a rock-solid connection between your on-site and remote audiences, because we handle it all.

How we approach hybrid event production

Professional connection to our proprietary virtual platform and/or coordination with the virtual platform of your choice

Content capturing

Live streaming of sessions

Remote pre-recording of presentations

Solutions we offer

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