Virtual events take place online only. While they may seem like the exact opposite of an in-person event, the preparation is similar.

What is a virtual event?

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Event support
During the event, we’ll be behind the scenes to man sessions, support live Q&A, offer help desk assistance and anything else that’s needed to make the event run smoothly.

Event preparation
We’ll record speakers, prepare sessions and make any final accommodations to your virtual event site to ensure it’s ready for your event launch.

Customized solutions
If you’re using our proprietary virtual venue, we’ll build the site to your specifications, add your branding and upload content for participants. If you have a preferred virtual platform, we’re your behind-the-scenes virtual event management team.

During a necessary pre-planning phase, we get to know your event, its sessions and objectives, then discuss how those can be handled with our virtual venue or how we’ll integrate our services into the platform of your choice.

How we approach virtual event production

Ability to host your event from the virtual venue of your choice

Our proprietary virtual venue was designed by event professionals for event professionals to deliver seamless virtual experiences.

Solutions we offer

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